Pilot plant and production line

POLYTRON® systems for higher volumes


POLYTRON® machines are batch high shear, rotor/stator homogenizers to create dispersions and emulsions with very fine particle or droplet sizes. A large variety of different rotor / stator geometries enable us to customize the unit to your application. Our units have proven time and time again to cut processing times down from hours to minutes and more importantly have improved the overall quality of the final product.


There are seven basic POLYTRON® batch processors:

POLYTRON® PT / Standart series
POLYTRON® PT-C / Cleaning in place series 
POLYTRON® PT-CR / Clean room series  
POLYTRON® PT-DI / Dissolver design
POLYTRON® PT-TB / Turbine mixing head design
BIOTRONA® PT-BA / Special design for fast blending or high-viscosity mixing

All Kinematica POLYTRON® Pilot Plant and Production machines are built to withstand sustained running times required for production processes. They are easy to operate and easy to maintain. All of the above can be mounted on a tank lid with a flange or on a stand or wall.  

Each of these lines, offer a broad choice of different drive systems, shaft lengths, dispersing generators, stands and drive controls.

All POLYTRON® PT series motors can be offered in explosion proof versions according to ATEX or NEMA regulations.

– Simple, robust design for easy use and long life.
– Available with single or double mechanical seal systems for pressure or vacuum applications
– Sterile double mechanical systems available food or pharmaceutical processing
– Capable of operating under pressures of up to 10 bar
– All parts in contact with the product are made from 316L Stainless Steel
– Generators can be made from special metals such as Hastelloy for use with abrasive materials or coated to minimize attack by corrosive chemicals  
– Special surface finishes available for food and pharmaceutical applications
– POLYTRON® come in various sizes for batch volumes from 50 to 10 000 liters
– Shaft lengths can be customized for any particular application
– Rotor/Stator can be provided with specially designed injectors for introducing solids or liquids directly into the homogenization zone 
– Available as CIP (Clean In Place) or CR (Clean Room) compatible machines
– Explosion-proof versions according to ATEX and NEMA are available for XP applications
– POLYTRON® can be mounted on stationary or moveable stands. In addition, the stands can be offered as manual lift or with the heavier motors, we recommend an electric lift.  

Kinematica’s application experts and  process engineers are ready to recommend the proper unit to solve your application needs.


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  • Tip speed
    8 – 17 m/s
  • Speed range
    750 – 3000 rpm
  • Shaft lenght
    600 – 1500 mm
  • Generators
    ø 60 – 350 mm