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Kinematica Science & Development focuses on research and development to realize innovative projects in the field of homogenization. Numerous projects in collaboration with universities and companies have already been developed and led to successful patent submissions.

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Future projects

We are looking for motivated partner companies and universities who want to realize innovative projects with us - get in touch! We are interested in any ideas for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sector. A clear goal, IP- and financing clarification of the project is essential and the implementation takes place under close exchange of the different partners. Please contact us for further information on

Project in the field of high-pressure homogenizer

Kinematica's new high-pressure homogenizer shows more efficient droplet break-up, monomodal distribution of droplet even at highest viscosities. The system is designed for sterile applications. Do you want to be part of the project and test your product on it? Then contact us at

Project in the field of milk foams for coffee machines

Perfect milk foam on a cappuccino makes everyone happy. This should now also be the case for fully automatic machines. Kinematica has knowledge in the field of milk foam production with an optimal gas injection and microstructure. Would you like to be part of this project? Then contact us at

Project in the field of meat analogues

The natural structuring of meat analogue products is an important step in improving the quality of this product category. Kinematica offers know-how and the right technologies. Would you like to be part of this project? Then contact us at

Current projects

These are the projects we are currently working on. If you want to receive more information about it, please don't hesitate to contact us on

Energy-efficient cosmetic products

A guideline for energy-efficient production of cosmetic products will be developed. This project is carried out in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne, among others, and started at the beginning of 2021.


Project details follow, cannot be published yet.

Innosuisse project with ETH Zurich

Improved technology for the production of novel nanocarriers with complexed iron compounds and food products containing such for optimally bioavailable iron absorption.

The market for micronutrients in food, cosmetic and pharma is steadily growing. The encapsulation of these micronutrients in smallest vesicles, like nano-emulsions, micellar, liposomes and particulate nano-suspensions is crucial for the bioavailability of these micronutrients.

In this respect, the interaction of process, structure and properties is important for innovation and quality improvement. This is being realised in the form of an Innosuisse project with the ETH Zurich, in the group for food process engineering. Kinematica is working on a new process for high-pressure dispersion to efficiently reduce emulsions and suspensions below 100 nm compared to conventional high-pressure systems. The resulting finest structures enable improved product quality. The release and absorption on the mucosa (and others) can be tailored, resulting in improved bioavailability and stability compared to conventional production.

Patent filed in 2020 for installation.

Former projects

These are the projects we successfully completed. We will announce the results step by step. If you want to receive more information about them, please don't hesitate to contact us on or follow us on social media and check our website regularely.

Innocheque project with ZHAW

New innovative foaming technology of natural dairy-free ice cream.

"If it drips, it melts too quickly; if it scrapes your tongue, it has too large ice crystals. Making perfect ice cream is a challenge. The ingredients sound simple at first: milk or cream, sugar, fruit. Or on an industrial scale: spray milk powder, milk fat, sugar, flavours. However, the largest single ingredient in terms of volume is air. The art is to add as many small bubbles as possible, so that they develop that unique creamy texture on the palate. Behind it all is a lot of technology and special recipes." (Tagesanzeiger, 2.8.2020)

To ensure that this creamy mouthfeel is not only reserved for milk eaters, we have launched a project together with the ZHAW that focuses on the natural foaming of vegan ice cream varieties and sorbets. The vegan ice cream market is constantly growing and in the future should delight every palate with its creamy structure.

The technology behind it is based on a membrane technology, which enables natural foaming without additional additives. The technology was developed by Kinematica together with the ETH more than 15 years ago and is now being tested for the first time in the field of vegan ice cream. The project is supported by Innocheque in collaboration with the ZHAW.

Foamed creams with Gausstec

Foamed cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams with improved uptake of active substances and application to the skin.

The usage of a cosmetic or pharmaceutical cream has two major aspects: firstly, the effectiveness for penetration and secondly, the feeling of well-being during application. Both aspects are being investigated in this project in cooperation with the University of Marburg at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy. The aim is to naturally foam a base cream by means of a gentle membrane process developed by Kinematica. The foam should improve the creaminess of the cream and thus make it easier to apply and spread on the skin. To a large extent, a smooth application in the field of wound healing, is important, as otherwise the wound may be torn open or inflamed. The increased surface area of the cream, achieved by the foam structure, creates an improved contact with the skin and thus helps the active component in the cream to penetrate the skin more easily. In a completely natural way, the quality of cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams can thus be improved and offer added value for their users.