Solutions for Cannabinoids

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Solutions for Cannabinoids

Want to know more?

We are super excited to announce a new partnership that we have formed with Jared Gold and his team from Apical that has really been existing for a number of years already.

CEO/Founder of Apical, Jared Gold, relies on a balance of experience & academic rigor to ensure his team is offering the most compliant, most consistent and most efficient solutions for client's seeking long-term success.

Apical offers complete customization of process systems & vessels in-house with trials taking place in the Apical scientific lab out of Versailles, KY, USA. The team boasts expertise in pharmaceutical chemistry, commercial agriculture, product formulation & process safety and over 10,000 hours of operating cold ethanol, water & CO2 extraction as well as fractional distillation & crystallization processes. This allows Apical to provide not only turn-key solutions to new & existing operations, but hands-on consultations for professional farmers, chemists, processors, formulators & management.

Apical is also a licensed, GMP-certified processor of hemp in Kentucky. And, with the complementary experience of going from soil to sale, Apical is best-suited & inspired by action to provide modern, proven Global Engineering Solutions to our clients.

We are combining forces with Jared and his team to bring our 60+ years of experience in mixing technology to the table to create perfected final products for Pharma, Food and Cosmetic industries working with various different botanical materials and everything in between.

Together we stand for the ultimate customer experience through our passion for high quality products without any compromise.

We are excited to talk with you.

Andreas Niens
CCO/Executive Board Member

Global Engineering Solutions

  Turn-key systems fit seamlessly into facilities scaling up

  Bench, mini, pilot and plant-scale vessels

  Pilot and Commercial plant solutions for pharmaceutical production

  Consistent manufacturing equipment for research & development, food, cosmetics, botanical, medicinal chemistry, biochemicals, oil and gas, etc.

Please check out our Website or contact us for more information about our huge experience and know-how.

Kinematica process technology is in the forefront of new product development, process improvement and scale up, as well as our traditional role in laboratory analysis. Extraction, winterization, dispersing active ingredients, powder induction, emulsification, and micro-encapsulation are all processes which have benefited from our technology.


  • Double or multi-stage oil-water encapsulation to achieve perfect and stable emulsions in addition to effective deagglomeration
  • Flexible systems to support research and development into evolving / fine-tuning new products forms (i.e. foams vs. creams)
  • Fully-controlled and narrow particle / droplet size distribution
  • Scalability working volume range from 0.1ml - 100L


CBD Topicals (Lotions, creams ointments)
Infused Edibles
Infused Beverages
Cannabinoid Oils
Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts
Hemp Fiber
Sample Preparation for quality analysis
Fine emulsions and double emulsions needed prior to winterization
Ethanol Extraction