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Efficient Emulsification

Efficient Emulsification
27 January Efficient emulsification / encapsulation of high viscous materials with high pressure unit ATOMIX®

Gentle Processing

Gentle Processing
05 December Low temperature and shear stress with MEGATRON® MT-MM


26 October How much product is lost after processing?

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  • Hasta Glaces

    Hasta Glaces

    Hasta Glace

    Rolf, the founder of Hasta, lived in Argentina for 20 years. The inhabitants of Argentina are also known as the Italians of South America and accordingly produce excellent glazes. When Rolf came back to Switzerland, he found nothing like that. "A glacé should taste like the fruit itself", as Rolf often repeats. Since then he decided to solve this problem himself by starting to make ice creams himself. First he prepared the glaces for his family and friends. However, due to the numerous compliments he received, he began to run his own ice cream shop. To honour his life in Argentina and to remain true to his concept of 100% naturalness of the ice creams he made, he named his company: HASTA. The acronym Hasta stands for Heladeria Argentina-Suiza Totalmente Artesanal, which means, Argentinian-Swiss Glacéladen absolut artisanal. The first store opened in 2002 on rue St-Théodule, near Sion cathedral.

    Hasta Glaces produces and perfects the ice cream production with a POLYTRON PT-C 80 G and thereby creates your delicious types of ice cream. Founder and owner Rolf Bote says: "The POLYTRON was built according to our needs and it quickly became indispensable."

    Hasta Glaces

  • Menu and More

    Menu and More

    menuandmore logo

    As an experienced provider in children and youth catering, "menuandmore" supplies numerous lunch tables with fresh menus and special products suitable for children every day. The focus of menuandmore is not only on 56 committed employees from 14 different nations, but also on a responsible employer.

    The roots of menuandmore lie in the "Stadtküche Zürich", which was founded in 1879 as the city's public kitchen for the poor. Menu and More AG was then founded in 2004.

    The Swiss company puts great emphasis on fresh and natural products from the region. You know: Quality begins with purchasing. To ensure this quality, they rely on Kinematica products. Florian Borter, head of operational processes and projects says: "The high-quality processed and reliable products of Kinematica are in daily use at menuandmore and are of great importance for our process and product quality".


  • ETH Zurich

    ETH Zurich