Tuesday, 02 March 21

Partnership with Rolf Caviezel

Starting this year, the successful star and molecular chef Rolf Caviezel will be Kinematica's brand ambassador in search of new creations. The interaction between Rolf Caviezel's creative approaches and Kinematica's many years of experience and qualitative equipment is aimed at finding new applications and processing possibilities for dispersing and foaming in the kitchen and creating taste adventures.

With his vast experience in gastronomy, home and hospital kitchens and as a molecular cook, he has been successfully using Kinematica products in his kitchen for quite some time. The logical consequence is now to intensify this partnership and to take advantage of the mutual wealth of experience. Keep up to date with us to learn more about the ongoing projects and progress.

We warmly welcome Rolf Caviezel to the Kinematica family and are looking forward to the future culinary results.