Friday, 06 November 20

Isolator Project with Howorth Air Tech

Kinematica have recently completed a project with Howorth Air Tech from the UK who integrated a Kinematica POLYTRON® mixer within the Isolator to provide the high level of operator protection required to process the API safely, which in this case was to achieve a CPT (containment performance target) of 50 ng/m3 (task based). Such installations are particularly relevant in the pharmaceutical applications during the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) or Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI) including ADC (antibody‑drug conjugate) Processing, Sampling & Dispensing, Granulation & Milling and Reactor Charging to name a few. Further information relating to Howorth Air Tech can be found at

Kinematica equipment enables sterile processing for dispersions down to nano-scale with sterile-in-place (SIP) configurations, from smallest batch sizes placing in an Eppendorf pipette to high-throughput units with multiple litre per hour.