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Liposomes are vesicles that are used to deliver drugs. They have a hydrophilic core surrounded by an oily layer, both are potentially loaded with drugs. The formation of this type of double emulsion requires smallest emulsion droplets with highest reproducibility. It is important that these liposomes are stable over a long period of time and that the process can be done under sterile conditions. Kinematica's technology can provide the customer with the desired pre-emulsion to achieve an optimal result.



Efficient encapsulation with Kinematica equipment


Kinematica’s solution provide stable and efficient encapsulation for sensitive and less sensitive material. MEGATRON® MT-SV series of Kinematica is the perfect continuous process for encapsulation. An injector (see below) is installed directly at the entrance of the dispersion shaft and enables an efficient emulsification into the watery phase. The droplet size and the droplet concentration can be varied and set. A first simple emulsion can be produced using a POLYTRON® in batch system or MEGATRON® in continuous mode.



MEGATRON® MT-MM enables the formation of double emulsion in a gentle way for temperature and shear sensitive material. It is scientifically proven, that the formation of double emulsions using the MEGATRON® MT-MM reduces the rate of leakage of the internal emulsion resulting in more stable products.


Free trials possible

Kinematica offers free trials until the end of the year for companies or individuals who would like to test their products with Kinematica equipment. Further details can be found on the link below. Convince yourself of the many years of experience and quality and get to know our Swiss family business.

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