Tuesday, 19 October 21

Successful Collaboration with FenX

The close cooperation between FenX and Kinematica started in summer 2019. The spinoff from the ETH Zurich has heard of Kinematica's foaming technology from the positive experience the ETH Food Science department has had.

After discussing possible solutions and improvements to the insulation material, it quickly became clear that an efficient foaming method needed to be found that not only produced bubble sizes in a controlled manner, but also introduced them into the material in a continuous process. With these and other challenges in mind, the collaboration was launched.

FenX transforms mineral waste into high performance and sustainable insulation for the building industry. FenX' technology enables them to use a vast selection of locally sourced, readily available mineral wastes and low-value natural materials. The controlled composition of their material sources fulfills all the safety requirements to be used in the building industry.

Thanks to Kinematica's MEGATRON® MT-FM, the controlled porosity obtained in the material allowed them to fabricate foams with well-defined properties and thus made this collaboration a full success.