MEGATRON® MT machines are inline homogenizer that force the product through a work chamber with integrated rotor / stator disperser generators and processes it.


Single-stage and multi-stage work chambers with and without cooling / heating jacket, as well as various in- / outlet connections are available as standard. For shaft sealings, you can choose between single- and double action floating ring seal systems and adapt to the specific product.

The expert for your production

We have been perfecting rotor / stator technology in close collaboration with users and universities for over 60 years, with our technology, your samples are efficiently dispersed into homogenous material systems. 

Depending on the type of sample, the combine with fluids to form the finest homogenous emulsions, dispersions and suspensions. This is the best basis for all subsequent analyses, or implementation of formulations. From your lab to the technical department, or the production department.

MEGATRON® MT-V 65 is a homogeniser with a process throughput of ca. 3000 l/h (based on water). Depending on the application, the respective dispersion generator, or a combination of the four standard generators, can be selected.

Advantages at a glance

– Throughput volume up to 30 000 l/h 
– Wear-free three-phase motors with RECO® speed control
– One- or three-stage work chamber
– All product contacted parts from high grade stainless steel
– Single- or double action floating ring seals for the shaft sealing, incl. sealing pressure supply system
– Product-compliant sealing materials
– Process control according to customer requirements


  • Min. Volume (ml)
  • Max. Volume (ml)
  • Shaft seal
    One- or three stage rotor / stator / Four different rotor / stator variants
  • Generators
    One- or three stage rotor / stator / Four different rotor / stator variants
  • Processing system
    Inline product processing
  • Materials
    High-grade stainless steel 316L / Product-contacted parts, electropolished, Ra =< 0.8
  • Motor
    4 kW three-phase motor with belt drive
  • Speed range
    up to 12 000 min-1
  • Circumferential speed
    max. 41 m/s
  • Standards
    CE, CIP, SIP, 3A